Friday, 21 June 2013

Future of Pro Desktop Computing Workstation

Ergonomic Nested computer table.

It's an Ergonomic table designed essentially for Desktop computers ( yes you can use laptops too.. remember the time when you feel like resting your elbows somewhere ..).

First we'll  take look at this design (prototype).

The Purpose for which article to be used :

My Present Set up:

Why such a design was even conceptualized ?

I just couldn't work on the present one piece structure .. ( sitting diagonally so that the arm using mouse can rest  and if you sit diagonally keyboard gets difficult).You have all sorts neck and back pain after using the present day workstations.

Right after we completed this design, there was an interesting independent news article carried out by The Times of India ..  here is the link  The Times of India report

Lets Look at the present ergonomic workstation setup.

What they missed here is that while handling the mouse ..after a while strain starts to get in just where the wrist is.. then to your neck .. and it get weird  after that ...why  ? .. because of constant stretching of the elbow.

Now what if we put a little slab under the elbow of these two wonderful people.

something like this ...!

So what we have here  is Dedicated Monitor Pad, Dedicated Mouse pad, Dedicated keyboard pad.

Why do we need Such a design ?

Imagine a workstation that increases the productivity of your employee.

Helps us maintain a perfect body posture.
Dedicated mouse pad, Awesome hand-rest, desired motion.

Dedicated keyboard pad.

Wonderful leg-space.

Requires less space when not in use.

Wholesome comfort and space , when in use.

Saves you from fatigue and tiredness during long hours of working.

Keeps you in good mood, thus increasing your efficiency.

Keyboard pad can act as an independent table for other purposes such as paperwork, sketching etc.


Some More .


It's weird Design .. i agree but it works and i am saying this after three and a half years of testing it. As i see see it a PC or Desktop computer is not going anywhere.. A PC or DC will be the main source for everything that will be around it .

Keeping the concept of this prototype it can be taken to whole new level, ( colors, different materials )Multiple Monitor Pads with concept of Dedicated Keyboard pad & mouse pad.Our Target market is :

Target Market 1
Target Market 2
Target Market 3 

As far as the movement of the keyboad pad and mouse pad is concerned, we have two ways 

1. if your floor is nice and smooth , a nice rubber strip underneath  does it nicely. 
2. of wheels , actually i wanted maybe an inch in diameter unidirectional noiseless wheels, i couldn't find any.


New mac pro Cylindrical, 84" or  55" 4k Ultra HD displays ( new mac pro supports up to three high-resolution 4K displays ),1 gbps internet, wireless keyboard mouse, Hi -Fi sound system, wireless keyboard pad mouse pad...  Rest I'll Leave to your imagination ... Future of Pro Desktop Computing Workstation......

Concept & Design

Anurag Tattvm

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  1. Nidhi S. Arora24 June 2013 at 23:59

    wonderful concept.... Finally someone is thinking for us who spend half their lives working on these stupid so called computer tables available in the market and end up suffering from various postural disorders.