Thursday, 27 November 2014

Tattvm { Tat Tvm } At IITF ( New Delhi )


First of All I would like to Thank IITF for giving us an Opportunity on a such a wonderful Platform.

Guys We have got Wonderful response to our product, we are getting Requirements from every part of the country, It has been a humbling experience and I would like to thank all the wonderful visitors Who visited our stall. Thanks for all the wonderful words of encouragement.

The Best Part is, From a 7 yr old  to a 70 yr old, IT professionals, architects, CG artists, Photographers,Sound Editors, video editors, students, Everyone has been able to connect with our product.

The USP of our Nested Computer table is Freedom of movement, Here the table itself is at your Command, unlike usaual workstations where you actually get stuck to the table.

If you do reverse engineering to our design, It falls aptly in place with this one Design Principle Which Says " Form follows Function "

How many forms we essentially use in a Computer, Three : Monitors, Keyboard and Most Importantly Mouse. How many forms do we have in our Nested Computer Table..? Three : Monitor Pad ( With accordance to eye level ), Keyboard & Mouse ( at arm level ).
Sometimes the answers to most sophisticated questions are probably the simplest one's.

With the Blessings of lord and all you lovely people, Hopefully we will be able to launch our product Globally.

Thanks Again for all your support.

We are also working on chair esp. meant for this setup.

Anurag Tattvm.

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